How To Save Money On Home Decor

Decorating your home is fun and enjoyable, but you’ll also recognize it can also be expensive. Design trends change on a regular basis and many homeowners simply can’t afford to redo their entire homes with new decor items. Fortunately, in this day and age, there are plenty of ways that you can save money on home decor and make sure that your space is not only personalized, but cozy and trendy! Here are a few money-saving tips for purchasing decor you’ll love:

*Shop yard sales and estate sales.

If you find yourself rather crafty and you can breathe new life into old items, shopping yard sales and estate sales is a great way to save money on decor items. In fact, many of the vintage decor items you’ll find are probably still in style and you can easily tweak them to fit your needs. When looking for items to repurpose, look at the solid lines and shapes, and consider how you can make the piece more modern to fit your style. Don’t forget that virtually any surface can be painted, so if you see a coffee table that’s worse for wear or a candlestick that’s brass, spray paint can do wonders!

*Go for clearance or as-is items.

There are many home decor and furniture stores that do have regular clearance items that you can purchase for a fraction of its original price. The only real setback is that most of these items cannot be returned to the store or do have certain flaws, which brings us to the next point that these items shouldn’t be ignored. Even though you’re looking for brand-new decor items, if you see something in the as-is category, consider if the item can be fixed or patched up. Of course, if you come across a table with a missing leg or the veneer has worn off, it may not be the ideal item. On the other hand, if you come across a painting with a dinged frame or a pillow that has popped a stitch, these are all things that you can easily fix on your own.

*Goodwill and other thrift stores are a gold mine for home decor.

Some people shy away from ever looking at charity stores or thrift shops simply because they have a bad reputation for being dirty and selling outdated items. The fact is that most thrift stores are cleaner than you think and they are filled with modern home decor items that you can use in your stylish home. Even the items that may feel outdated can easily be repurposed or revamped in some way to fit your home. In fact, there are numerous blogs dealing with repurposing thrift store finds that can help you look at older treasures in a new way. Don’t forget that most Goodwill stores also have regular sales that can help you save even more money on decor items for your space!

Decorating on a tight budget is absolutely possible and it also offers you the opportunity to have a real adventure looking for treasures. It’s easy to walk into a home decor store and purchase all of the items on display, but it takes true genius to repurpose all things and breathe new life into clearance items!