Trendy Retro Home Decor ideas that you’ll Absolutely Love

Are you a fan of vintage items or are you simply looking to redecorate your house and are looking for that unique item that resonates with you, to give a personal touch to your home? Or maybe you are looking for that special gift item for a loved one. Look no more.

Retro home decor items will take you into a journey back in time, while adding a homely touch to your space. Whether you are feeling nostalgic about the hippie sixties, the rock & roll seventies or the soulful eighties, retro provides just what you need for different rooms in your house. Here are a few tips on how you can use retro items to spruce up your home.

The Living room

You will find an interesting array of items in different materials and colors that you can use. You can make use of uniquely designed furniture in warm rustic wood or wrought iron. An abstract painting that will keep your visitors staring for hours can become the focal point of your living room. Finish off with rugs and throw-on pillows to add warmth to your home. Do not forget that colorful flower vase from another era for your mantelpiece or side table. Those who are musically inclined can introduce a music corner with a turntable, and a record collection from time past.



The Bathroom

A wide array of soft furnishings such as curtains, rugs and towels, and even larger items such as bathtubs, mirrors will add comfort to your most intimate room. The bathroom is an ideal place to play around with lighting.

The bedroom

This is where you spend most of your time. It should therefore be comfortable and restful. Vintage quilts pillows, curtains and other accessories come in handy. Nightstands and lamps will instantly transform your bedroom. The lamps can be made of ceramic or brass.

The Kitchen

This is probably the center of your life, one of the most used rooms. The kitchen lends itself well to retro decor. Useful items range from vintage toasters, radio, clock, scales and also crockery and cutlery. Stainless steel or copper utensils are a prized item for a discerning collector; and so is bone china, mugs and cookware.

Points to consider when introducing retro decor.

1. Color: whereas color is desirable and makes up a significant part of retro decor, it should be used with restraint. You need to be careful to ensure that the colors you choose blend well with the rest of the colors in your space.
2. Texture: Choose the right material for your space. Metal furniture may be more appropriate for the outdoors than for interior spaces.
3. Existing furniture and decor: Items should be chosen with existing items in mind. Too many retro items in a room can cause clutter.
These are mere tips. Ultimately, it’s your home. Choose what suits your taste and your lifestyle.

Final thought

Whatever your style, whether vintage or classic, baroque or industrial; whether you are seeking to decorate your home or looking for a gift item, you will find an answer in retro home decor items.